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Let Us Entertain You

Let Us Entertain YouLet Us Entertain You

Let Us Entertain You

Let Us Entertain You

Let Us Entertain YouLet Us Entertain YouLet Us Entertain You

Let us bring a spark to your entertainment!


Let us bring a spark to your entertainment!

About Me

My Beginnings


From my earliest years I've wanted to perform. When unexpected events led me to puppeteering, I knew it was my calling.

An Amazing Life


I have been fortunate beyond my wildest dreams for all the performing opportunities over the years. From performing in bars to national TV on America's Got Tallen. I am filled with gratitude.

My Life Today


I continue to perform whenever I am called. Lately, Aunt Eunice and I are working on our on-line presence.

Meet Eddie

Additional Information

How many people go from being an exotic dancer to a puppeteer? Eddie may be the first. When the Atlanta, Georgia, club where Eddie worked had an amateur night, on a whim and as a joke he made a puppet and did a short act, figuring that was the only time he’d ever do that. But the act was so popular the club manager told Eddie to hang up his G-string because he was doing a puppet act from then on. Since that night many years ago, Eddie Green and the Puppet Divas have entertained thousands on both coasts of the U.S. And in between.

In the Atlanta area Eddie has performed at various night clubs including Backstreet, P’s Annex, Onyx Lounge, The Armory, The Heretics, and other establishments. In May 2003 he performed at L’Buzz , near Atlanta in Cobb County. He’s also toured many other locations throughout Georgia and Florida.

Since Eddie has been in California he has performed at night clubs, The Center, and Balboa Park in San Diego, and in Palm Springs he’s performed at numerous night clubs, including The Villa Resort and the Wild Goose Lounge with the Ivana Tramp Show. Additionally, Eddie has performed for millions on the “American’s Got Talent” stage.

Eddie makes it a point to perform at as many HIV/AIDS events as he can each year and an annual private Halloween party benefit.

It seems as though a new “cast member” shows up to join the divas with persistent regularity. From the one lone Miss Thing in the beginning, Eddie now has a total of five puppets, each with her own distinctive look, personality and “attitude, girl.” These life-size puppets are all painstakingly crafted by him. He paints the skin and makeup, attaches and styles their hair, designs and constructs their costumes. “Our house looks like a drag queen’s dressing room,” Eddie quipped recently.

All of the puppets are inspired by Eddie’s idolization of certain pop singers of the day, among them Dolly Parton, Patti Labelle and Cher. According to Eddie, the puppets range in personality from “good girl” to “absolutely bad girl” — though certain of the divas might disagree.


Boys in the Street

I just heard this song by Greg Holden and it seems to tell the story of my life. Check it out!

America's Got Talent

Me on America's Got Talent

Video to Ellen

My Video to Ellen

Celine Puppet

My Celine Puppet



BUZZ MAGAZINE, JULY 10-23, 2003, #149

Eddie Green has been entertaining San Diegans with his quaint southern accent and charming life-sized puppets in small and intimate shows. Now, for the first time in his 20 years of performing, Eddie brings his puppetry to the stage in his premiere full-length play, Eddie and the Puppet Divas present Miss America and Miss Runner-up at Sixth at Penn Theater, opening July 18. The show is presented in a pageant format, with Eddie bringing five puppets to life. “We’re going to let the audience pick who they want to be Miss America and Miss Runner-up,” Eddie says about the show. “According to the crowd, it’ll be a different winner each night.”

Along with co-host Cybile d’Sobedience — “he’ll be dressed in drag, of course,” Eddie says — Eddie performs as the innocent Polly Darton, the ruthless Roxy, the vain Cher Delight, good-girl Lupita, and his oldest puppet, Miss Thing. Regardless of who wins, Eddie says each puppet will win your heart with her sparkling personality, sumptuous costuming and awesome talent.


San Diego POZabilities 3rd Anniversary Celebration program, July 5, 2003

Eddie Green has been performing for over 25 years all over San Diego [and the East Coast] and has become a tradition of sorts for us in San Diego POZabilities. He performs for special events supporting the GLBT and HIV/AIDS communities.

This year we also are proud to announce that Eddie will be performing with his Puppet Divas from July 8th to August 9th at the 6th and Penn Theater located in Hillcrest.

This will be Eddie’s third year performing at our Anniversary Dinner and we would like to thank him for joining us again.


Update, July 10, 2003, Issue 1124

The highlight of the evening’s talent was Eddie Green and his Puppet Divas. (From an article entitlted, “San Diego POZabilities Celebrates Anniversary.”)




Eddie Green brings his manic Puppet Divas to 6th@Penn in the hilarious sendoff, Miss America and Miss Runner-up. Originally a standout song from the old Broadway production Playgirls, Eddie parodies the gay drag musical Pageant from a few years back, letting the audience vote on who will be Miss America and Miss Runner-up, based on beauty and talent. Will it be Polly Darton, Cher Delight, Roxie Starr or Lupita Margarita Lopez? (There is actually an openly lesbian NYC council member named Margarita Lopez.) Mr. Green must have locked himself in a room and gone berserk for four weeks armed with a hot glue gun, lots of feather boas and big hair. So go see Miss America at 6th@Penn on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 p.m. Through Aug. 9 only.


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